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Used with Sheet masks, serums, elixirs and Repechage® creams, it helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet, while stimulating the skin's surface.

By purchasing the products of the BIOLIGHT illuminating line you will receive as a GIFT* the IONTO MASSAGER, the best ally for your BEAUTY ROUTINE.

* for orders from 79.00 euros

Senza Glutine
Non testato sugli animali
Senza parabeni
ingredienti naturali
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  1. At first use, remove the plastic film.
  2. To use in the “+” position: first apply serum or cream on cleansed skin
  3. Select position “+”:  the led will turn green. This will boost the vibration and positive ionization. In this way, Ionto Massager will facilitate the delivery of the moisturizing active ingredients within the skin.
  4. Select position  “-“: the led will turn red. This will boost the vibration and negative ionization. In this way, Ionto Massager will help cleanse the skin in depth, making it soft and improving its texture
  5. Lightly press Ionto Massager onto the skin. Don't overdo the pressure. Start under the chin on the neck, making small circles; then continue upwards along the jaw, cheeks and then the forehead. Do not use in the eye area.
  6. To switch off: select position “0”.